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Satta dates back within the earlier '40s, during which the sport was used for depending on the cotton exchange opening and shutting rates. When this process was halted within the early 1960s, a desperate need was felt to exchange it with a correct alternative because it already was giving an honest amount of profits at that point.

during this replacement act, Kalyangi Bharat tossed a term related to his name 'Kalyan Matka'. Rattan Khatri enhanced this effort as 'Worli Matka' with slight tuning to the already existing 'Kalyan Matka' rules. These games, at that point, were famous in working-class people where they wont to play this game in their off-duty, but within the mid-'80s and '90s, this game reached its peak where an more than tens of millions was regularly generated over the monthly periods.

As this money wasn't within the tax net, Police conducted massive raids that pushed the organizers outside their business territories. Later on, when it had been included within the tax nets, only Casinos in GOA generated 130 plus crores for state revenue in 2013.

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